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The Chief and Council of the English River First Nation wish to welcome all visitors to this website.

The English River First Nation is located in northern Saskatchewan and is approximately 250 kilometres north, northwest of the City of Meadow Lake.  The community has a linguistic profile of being a Dene and Cree First Nation.  There are two main communities Patuanak which is a Dene Community and La Plonge which is a Cree/Dene Community.

The English River First Nation Chief and Council and our membership would like to cordially welcome you to our Nation’s new and improved website.  During 2014 the Chief and Council decided to make a concerted effort to improve Communications with the membership and this website is one such tool.  This updated website will not only assist in transparency and keep our nation members informed, but will also act as a window for citizens of the world to gain a glimpse of the English River First Nation.  The desire is to not only to use modern modes of communication, like this website, to communicate the achievements and progress made by the English River First Nation, but to relay information on the issues pertaining to strides made to improve the standard of living for English River First Nation citizens.

With the membership of the English River First Nation reaching close to 1,500 with approximately now residing in various parts of the world, and 775 members living on the lands of the English River First Nation it is important that we keep them updated on issues that could possibly affect their lives.

This website allows us to do this while opening up another avenue for two-way communication with all of our citizens.

To the casual observer, we welcome and encourage you to explore our site and provided links to gain a better understanding of our people, lands, issues, and the Dene and Cree/Dene culture.

If you have suggestions for information that you think should be carried on this website, please contact us at info@erfn.net

On behalf of the English River First Nation membership, we hope you enjoy your stay.

English River First Nation Chief and Council

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