Urban Off-Reserve Report

Since the inception of this new position CA Coordinator on May 24, 2016, which entails coordinating and overseeing the on-going implementation of the Collaboration Agreement (CA) between English River First Nation and Cameco and AREVA, my duties are to provide all administrative support and office services for ERFN with respect to the CA.

I will be coordinating, reporting and administering the CA Trust programs for off-reserve members on a year to year basis, programs are set up under the CA Trust that provides money for off-reserve members, by receiving , confirming eligibility, and distributing money to eligible off-reserve members.

Since May 24, 2016, to date we have expended $72,151.82 in the off-resrve Sports and Recreation, and not much left in this program, so if you haven’t applied go online www.erfn.net it will give you directions on how to apply, if unsure call me at 1-866-296-5646 at the office of ERFN.

This fall is another program for you to apply for school supplies, by doing so we require registration forms or letter from your child/children’s school indicating that they are registered for the school year 2016/17, forward the information to me by fax at 306-396-2155.

I will continue to update and communicate with you on the progress and new programs if any for your information.

Continue to enjoy your summer holidays and we will hear from you soon.
Marie Black

CA Coordinator

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